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Simulate the motion of nine different pendulum systems in real time on your phone. Use the simulation as a live wallpaper (to be set from device's settings).Included systems:1) Mathematical pendulum (2D): the simplest pendulum.2) Pendulum wave effect (3D): when multiple pendulums are combined a peculiar wave effect appears.3) Spherical pendulum (3D): a three-dimensional generalization of the mathematical pendulum.4) Spring pendulum (2D): a mass connected to a spring.5) Spring pendulum (3D): a mass connected to a spring in 3D.6) Double pendulum (2D): the simplest example of a system which exhibits chaotic motion and is highly sensitive to the initial conditions.7) Double spherical pendulum (3D): a three-dimensional generalization of the double pendulum.8) Spring mathematical pendulum (2D): a rod attached to a spring.9) Spring spherical pendulum (3D): a rod attached to a spring in 3D.Features:- All simulations are performed in real time by numerically solving the Lagrange equations of motion.- Use the accelerometer of your device for dynamical determination of the gravity force.- Take into the account the friction force to see the damping of the pendulum motion (recommended when using sensor gravity).- Use your fingers to interactively change the positions of the pendulums.- Use pinch to zoom gesture.- All of the parameters for each system can be modified in the preferences.Acknowledgements: OpenGL tutorials at library at code of the app is available at
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